MATOSAAB Integrated Services Limited

Environmental Management and Laboratory Services
A Nigerian company that offers cost effective, high quality and customized solutions in environmental management.

We believe that quality, safety and integrity should be built into our service/product delivery so as to ensure that our clients get value for their money.

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If quality and integrity is your priority, then MISL is your best choice.

We are positioned to become a leading firm in analytical laboratory, environmental services, petroleum services, oil spill response and remediation services, among others.

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Wherever you work, we work with you.

Our services cover a wide range of organizations in oil and gas, manufacturing, processing and construction industries.

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Services at a glance

Environmental Studies

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Management Plan (EMP), Environmental Baseline Studies (EBS), Environmental Auditing (EA), etc.

Petroleum Product Analysis

Water content, BS & W content, API gravity, Temperature, Specific gravity, etc.

Analytical Laboratory

Water quality analysis, soil/sediment analysis, toxicological, bioaccumulation and biodegradability testing, etc.

Waste Management

Collation, segregation, treatment and disposal, Material Recovery and Recycling, Wastewater Treatment Systems Installation, operation and maintenance, etc.